Registration Fee Policy

Members of Palm Springs Youth League must be residents of the Coachella Valley. In order for members to participate in our programs they must be a member in good standing. Requirements for membership are;
  1. Abide by the policies, rules of conduct and rules of play of the League.
  2. Keep current your associated registration fees as set forth by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
  3. Fees are set on a per program basis and are due and payable prior to the beginning of the program.
  4. Members paying the said registration fees for a game program shall be provided a uniform for the season being registered for and shall be eligible for play for that season providing no other condition prohibits them from having their membership revoked.
  5. While it is the intent of the Board of Directors to make available team equipment necessary for play and to provide as many games as possible in the allotted time of a season, no representation is made to members on the specific number of games; nor specific team equipment provided to loan to the team Manager.
  6. The Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or rearrange games as required by various conditions or situations as they sole deem in the best interest of the members as a whole.

Refund Policy

It is the League's standing policy that refunds are not provided for registration fees paid for services unless an unexpected hardship on the part of the member can be proven.

Requests for refunds must;

  1. Be made in writing to the Board of Directors, prior to the start of the program.
  2. Provide proof of a hardship, daytime contact information and player information.
  3. Requests for refunds may take up to 60 days to review depending on the time of year the request is made.
  4. Requests are evaluated on a case by case basis.
  5. Once the season or program has begun, refunds will not be issued.
  6. The Board of Director's decisions are final

A reduction in the number of games does not constitute cause for a refund in part or in whole. It is understood and hereby stated that registration fees paid by members in no way cover the cost of operating said programs and amenities provided to members above and beyond their uniform are not guaranteed and are included at the expense of the League.


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